Hedwig Is Just What We Need.

04-ZACH-Hedwig-0540-PHOTO_CREDIT_ KirkTuck
Daniel Rowan as Hedwig. Photo Courtesy of Kirk Tuck Photography and ZACH Theatre

Rock ‘n’ roll, sexual frustration, gender identity, and one amazing storyteller combine to create a night like no other at Austin’s premier theatre Zach!

Dave Steakley’s creation of Hedwig And The Angry Inch is a spectacular night at the theater, but it’s the vibrant colors and the overwhelming sense of urgency that make it prudent for audiences today. In a world where everything it’s fought over, debated and scrutinized, it’s nice to be able to go to the theater and see a show that reminds you there is life beyond the binary.

Daniel Rowan as Hedwig, creates a vivid and moving character, making you feel like you stepped into the world of the cinematic cult classic by the same name. Rowan’s version of Hedwig is real and raw, and full of enough political humor and angst to make you want to run out and impeach a president! Rowan weaves the tale of the rock goddess’s fleeing from

14-ZACH-Hedwig-1393-PHOTO_CREDIT_ KirkTuck
Leslie McDonel as Yitzhak and Daniel Rowan as Hedwig. Photo Courtesy of Kirk Tuck Photography and ZACH Theatre

communist East Germany to the almost rise of her international stardom.  The story is told in and out of fantastic rock music that makes even the stodgiest skeptic want to tap their feet to the beat. But, Rowan is not the only star on this stage. Leslie McDonel, who brings to life Hedwig’s lover and husband Yitzhak, is a powerhouse vocalist that brings the roof down in the final songs of the night. Throughout the show the tension that rises between Hedwig and Yitzhak is palpable, but when Leslie McDonel’s long-suffering Yitzhak is allowed to take the stage in all his/her/their glory it is astounding and brought out the tears in me and my companion.

In the current climate, we are dealing with as a society, these stories that break the binary are needed. When our fellow LGBTQ citizens are being brutally attacked and hospitalized for simply holding hands as they walk to their cars, and teenagers are confronting Native American Elders, while our executive branch is too busy pitting one group against the other to get our government up and running in the new year it is important to remember the things about our culture that are rare and beautiful. Just like Hedwig’s botched operation which propelled her to stardom and a life of creating fabulous music that will forever be a part of our collective memories, let us hope that something beautiful and glittering will come from this period of our countries history.

26-ZACH-Hedwig-2354-PHOTO_CREDIT_ KirkTuck
Leslie McDonel as Yitzhak and Daniel Rowan as Hedwig. Photo Courtesy of Kirk Tuck Photography and ZACH Theatre

With songs like “Sugar Daddy,” “I Take My Wig Down Off The Shelf” and “The Angry Inch” how can you not want to come, see this stellar rock and roll fantasy? Take a walk on the wild side and venture over your own Berlin wall of reservation and get tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch today! The show runs through March 3rd, 2019, tickets are available through the ZACH box office, for more information check out their website http://www.ZACHtheatre.org

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