Upcoming Changes To Austin Entertainment Weekly!

Hello Austin Theatre Friends,

It is with great joy that we here at Austin Entertainment Weekly are announcing some major announcements about the future of our site and branding.
The best way to describe what is happening here is that we are changing with the times and moving into the 21st century. Austin Entertainment Weekly will be launching a Weekly Podcast to be hosted by Austin Entertainment Weekly Founder Olin Meadows and local Austin Actor and Musician Andy Barham. The show will be produced by Barham and Theatre Enthusiast Cristopher Stanford.
This change allows for our readers, soon to be listeners, to get more genuine and authentic content about theatre in our community. Letting listeners in on a real conversation about the shows and artists in our community instead of a single point of view review or interest piece.
This new change is important not only for Austin Entertainment Weekly but also for theatre producers like yourselves. In a 2015 article titled “11 Reasons Why Podcasting Is A Powerful Marketing Weapon” by Fabienne Raphael, she says that “Podcasting is trendy. It’s growing. The average American listens to about 5.5 hours of audio per day. And 26% of their audio consumption is podcasting.”  This is not new information we know but it does help us think about how we can better serve our theatre community.  We want to be producing content that is beneficial to you our producing partners, readers, and friends.

Our plan for each episode of the Austin Entertainment Weekly Podcast is to feature conversations about the shows we saw in the past week giving a review that is more authentic and honest, as well as talking about the shows that are to come soon, the shows that are closing soon and upcoming auditions. Then we will feature local artists, directors, producers and theatre enthusiasts to talk about the work they are doing in our central Texas area. The entire focus of our show will be the theatre that is happening here in Central Texas. We will not be having conversations about theatre happening nationally or internationally we want to focus on Austin and the surrounding areas.

Don’t worry there will still be some written content still on our site, we will still have a few written reviews, and interviews. But our focus and attention to content will be on the podcast. We plan to bring in as many of our local theatre friends to be featured on the podcast as possible.
While we don’t have a secured date for the launch of the podcast we are starting production in the coming days and we hope to have the podcast launched within the next month.  In the meantime be looking for personalized emails inviting you to be on an episode of the Austin Entertainment Weekly Podcast very soon.
podcast logo

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