ABBA Is Back… Or The Next Best Thing Is! Exclusive Interview with Vicky Zetterberg of Arrival From Sweden.

ARRIVALPR99Vicky Zetterberg is one of the worlds foremost ABBA recreation artists. After seeing a really terrible ABBA cover band, she was inspired by her knowledge of the band, and the music to create ARRIVAL FROM SWEDEN, which is now the worlds highest selling ABBA cover band.  Having toured the world since 1995 and performing in over 60 countries, we decided it was time to chat with Vicky about the band and their upcoming Austin performances.

AEW: What is it like to take the stage night after night and perform as one of the greatest musical acts in the history of the world?

VZ: It is absolutely wonderful! To do all the great song thatABBA did and to make the audience happy. The songs are timeless and fantastic.

 AEW: How do you prepare for a performance?VICKY2018svartvit

VZ: The preparation is like drinking hot honey water with ginger, try to sleep the night before(if it is possible during a tour and walking a lot :-D)

 AEW: What is your favorite moment of the show?

VZ: The whole show is a magic moment, it is really hard to pick one moment. But when the audience is dancing and singing is the highlight! When we feel the energy from the audience and how much they love the songs

 AEW: Do you have a favorite ABBA song? What is your least favorite?

ZV: Yes I have many favorites….Eagle, One Man One Woman, The Winner Takes It All, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and like 50 more. 😀 The song that I do not like is zero. All ABBA-songs are really good. They made over 100 songs over the years. And the songs are in different style! Ballads, pop, jazz, rock etc….

vickylila2 AEW: What should audiences expect to see when they come to “The Music ofABBA?”

VZ: A real ABBA experience with fantastic clothes, and fantastic music…..and having fun! I can say The time of their lives 😀 As close as they can get to real ABBA!

AEW: What is your favorite city to perform in?

VZ: I have many favorite cities…..But I can say my favorite country, and that is the US…The audiences in the US are absolutely fantastic. We have been to over 60 countries since 1995 and we have been to thousands of cities all over the world. We have been to 48 states in the US and hundreds of cities since 2005! We have done 56 tours in the USA since 2005. It is like 4-6 tours in the US every year! We really love the USA! But of course Red Rocks in Denver, CO is a magical place….we have sold out that venue 9 years in a row since 2007! And when we played with Boston POPS (one of the worlds biggest symphony orchestras) 2014 and 2017….that was just amazing…..We have played with over 70 symphony orchestras since 2007! The biggest ones in the USA too!!!!

AEW: What is your favorite memory from being on tour?

VZ: All tours are very special to me. But the favorite is when we go by tour bus so we can see a lot on the way to our gigs. I like flying but prefer to go by a tour bus.

Arrival From Sweden performs 2 shows this Sunday, at ONE WORLD THEATRE! For more information and tickets go to or


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