Exclusive Interview: Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Coming to One World Theatre April 27

Colin photo 3Colin Mochrie, a master improve artist is coming to Austin with his pal, Brad Sherwood on Friday April 27 to entertain and delight audiences with their own unique brand of comedy.  Famous for being one of the original and regular members of “WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?”  Colin Mochrie has a resume a mile long, and his brain moves at a mile a minute, coming up with his snappy one liners and zany characters.

To get a better look into the mind and world of Mr. Mochrie we sat down and asked him a few questions about his show, his process, and inspiration. Be sure to check out oneworldtheatre.org to get more information and tickets for his upcoming Austin performance.

AEW: How did you get started with Improv? When did you realize you were good at it?

Colin: I saw a demonstration of a thing called Theatresports that had been invented by a British guy living in Calgary. It was improv done in a sports setting. A referee would give the game challenge, the improvisers make up a scene and then three judges gave a score. I immediately was attracted to it. As a lazy guy, it’s just perfect — you don’t have to learn anything. You just go out there and make stuff up. I was fortunate to join at a time when the talent level was very high and I learned quickly by watching them. Thank God I was good at it, I have no other skills to fall back on.

AEW: What is your favorite moment of a show or improv performance?

Colin: My favorite moment is right at the top of the show. Brad and I enter in the dark, with the audience applauding, expecting a show that we don’t have yet. It’s a mixture of excitement, anticipation and terror.

AEW: What do you hope audience take with them from seeing you perform? Scriptless

Colin: Hopefully sore stomach muscles. This is a show where you will not learn anything but for 2 hours there is nothing in the world but laughter.

AEW: What should audiences expect when they come to your performance?

Colin: We say it’s sort of like a live version of Whose Line, without the tall guy and the black guy. A lot of the games will be familiar to the audience; we’ve had to adapt them because there’s just the two of us. But it’s even more interactive than the TV show is. Everything starts with a suggestion from the audience. We have audience members onstage with us for about 80 percent of the games. Totally non-political and plain goofy fun.

AEW: How would you suggest that others get started with improv?

Colin: Since the popularity of Whose Line, it seems everywhere has an improv group. Check out the local scene, see if workshops are available and do it whenever and wherever you can.

AEW: What would you say to young artists wanting to make a career in performing?

Colin: Do it for the right reasons. I have met many young people who just want to be on TV or be famous. That happens to maybe 5% of actors. You have to do it because you have to do it. It fills some need in you. Keep learning about all you can. It all becomes a tool you can use, no matter which discipline you fall into.

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