Fun, Fancy, and Worry Free – Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat by Olin Meadows

maxresdefaultJoseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, is my favorite musical of all time.  It is my personal guilty pleasure. The truth is, Joseph is a bit of a cheese-fest. It is filled with corny songs and hokey lyrics. It is in my opinion probably the worst Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ever, and those are the reasons that I love it. I remember my first introduction to this show was via PBS when they aired the movie version which stars the ever-wonderful Donny Osmond in the title role of Joseph. The film version is filled with flashy costumes, and over the top choreography and that is why I love this musical. In my young 11-year-old mind that was what a musical was all about. And sometimes I still like to sneak off to a world where that is still what a great musical is all about. It is always great to see a show that has a message and helps to change the way the world thinks, but every now and again it is fun to be 11 again and just enjoy the sequined costumes of an Egyptian prison filled with Go-Go dancers!

Currently the Georgetown Palace Theatre is presenting this over the top musical of biblical proportions. The Palace’s show is full of great moments and incredible talent. Starting right off the top with Steve Williams in the role of Joseph, from the first moment he enters the stage we see a man who is loving every moment of his time on stage. William’s voice is stellar just like his performance.  Assisting Williams in telling the story is Sabrina Mari Uriegas as the Narrator, who welcomes the audience with a warm smile and kind heart. She reminds me of going back to kindergarten and sitting in on story time.

The show consists of a large ensemble who helps to play the 11 brothers of Joseph, their 18839249_1701342863213276_5120050903744121542_nwives, the entire court of the Pharaoh and a prison filled with Go-Go Dancers. These actors give 100% from start to finish with high energy dancing, and wonderful harmonies. Some of the stand out performers include Pete Munoz as Reuben and Ishmael Soto as Simeon. Munoz whose performance of “One More Angel in Heaven” brings the county swing style to this middle eastern story so well that I think even Andrew Lloyd Webber would want to get up and dance. Then Soto who sings the sorrowful “Those Canaan Days” so beautifully he leaves the audience almost feeling bad for the jealous brood of brothers. The key word being “almost.” Other fantastic moments of the show are Carl Illig and Nancy Penner as Potiphar and Mrs. Potiphar, trapping Joseph in a sensuous tango and Phil Rodriguez as the “Phantastic” Pharaoh aka “The King” who’s scantily clad Elvis impersonation is spot on.

18881738_1703398106341085_8374424518219482841_nThe technical aspects of this show are first rate, the costumes Designed by Ramona Haas are so clever and colorful they definitely bring in the “technicolor” aspect. The set which consists of a set of large stair cases and not much else are a great choice for this show with the many locations, which aids in the storytelling aspect of the material. However, the aspect that really makes this show POP is the lighting design by Faith Castaneda. Castaneda took every opportunity to play with color and technology in this fun and family friendly musical.

I would highly recommend this production to anyone who is looking for a good time without sitting through a piece of “ART,” as this show is about the fun and fabulous storytelling of the theatre. It is not a show with a deep message or a political agenda, and every now and then it is nice to escape the world we live in and enter a “technicolor” dream.  Get your tickets today!

For more information and tickets, you can go to

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