Skate The Night Away – Disney On Ice by Olin Meadows

Princesses, Dreams, Magic, and ICE…. Lots and Lots of ICE! It’s Disney on Ice! This magical treat comes to town every couple of years with plenty of ice skating princesses and Disney fun. This years tour “Dream Big” is a fun and fast romp through all of the Disney princess stories with a little bit of artistic license. I would title this show “Disney Princesses on Ice The Abridged Version” the show manages to cover 9 different stories in just over 90 minutes.

If you are a parent of a girl under the age of 13 this is probably the show you want to HRP_DOI-27_01ARIEL AND FRIENDStake them to and do! It is a lot of fun, one of the best moments of the show is during the Little Mermaid section when the entire cast comes on stage for a fantastic rendition of “Under The Sea.” This is the moment you came to see lots of flashy costumes covered in sparkles with bubbles cascading on the audience while the skaters swirl in smooth transitions. It is a moment of magic. There are plenty of tricks and flips and twirls from the princesses and their princes, but the best performance of the night came from
Snow White and Prince Charming and by Ariel and Prince Eric. Both couples brought out gorgeous choreography with all of the trick moments you come to see when you come to a figure skating show.

HRP_DOI-27_08.CINDERELLA and Prince PhilipTricks and flips aside, the show comes with some dynamic staging and creative technical aspects that make it what the pageant. Nothing goes better with Princess than pageantry. This production with its quick changes from story-line to story-line comes equipped with plenty of giant props to make even the most judgmental of audiences swoon. The giant Cinderella carriage in act 2 is beautiful and makes for some fun moments. Aladdin in the opening number has some cool quick changing props that you don’t expect from a “kids show” like this.

Disney on Ice is not just a show for kids, my date and I left feeling fun and fancy free, Jasmine-SpreadRuss_Atalking about the props, tricks and fantastic costuming. Of Course the moment everyone was talking about was the grand finale with Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the folks from Arendelle…. Making this “Disney on Ice” truly “Frozen!” If you don’t have your tickets yet, you need to! This is a show worth the price of admission and maybe a little more!

Disney On Ice, skates on at the HEB Center in Cedar Park through Sunday May 14. Tickets are available online

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