Phantom Of The Opera BRAND NEW PRODUCTION Arrives in Austin April 19!! Here is what to expect!

_THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 4 - The Company performs Masquerade - photo by Alastair MuirCameron Mackintosh’s Spectacular New Production of

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s


How is the new production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ‘new’?

Following the 25th Anniversary of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, producer Cameron Mackintosh chose to honor PHANTOM’s worldwide success and its many fans with a new production. He chose a new creative team, including director Laurence Connor (co-director of the New 25th Anniversary Production of Les Misérables) and allowed them the freedom to tell this beloved story utilizing advances in theatrical wizardry. The production retains the beloved music, script, lyrics, and the Tony Award winning costume design by Maria Björnson. Critics have hailed this new PHANTOM as “bigger and better than ever before.”

Theatrical technology has advanced significantly since 1986, when the original production of PHANTOM began. This new production was an opportunity for the creative team to utilize these innovations that were not available or imagined in 1986. These new advances can be found in the lighting, scenic design, pyrotechnics, sound and more!

Is this new production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA still the PHANTOM I know THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 12 - The Corps de Ballet in Hannibal - Choreography by Scott Ambler - pho- resizedand love?

Absolutely! The show, from original producer Cameron Mackintosh, retains the beloved story and score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The sets, lighting, and sound have been redesigned for this new production, while retaining the original Tony Award-winning costumes. This PHANTOM is as grand and enormous a spectacle as the original and brings a fresh, new design to the stage. This production travels in 20 trucks with a cast and orchestra of 52, making this PHANTOM one of the largest touring productions of a Broadway musical.

Is there a chandelier? What will it do?

YES – There is a chandelier which incorporates advances in theatrical technology since 1986, when the original London production opened.

The chandelier and the scene where the Phantom exacts his revenge have been conceived in an exciting new way, utilizing elements on the stage and in the theater house.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 1 - Derrick Davis and Katie Travis - photo Matthew Murphy Are there other special effects in the new production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – such as the boat, candles, etc?

Christine’s journey into the Phantom’s lair has been completely redesigned and will incorporate a boat and candles in a brand new way. The new set design is by Paul Brown, a well known opera designer. He has created an authentic Paris Opera House environment with unique surprises and thrills for the audience, including the use of pyrotechnics and theater magic throughout the show.

What will the music be like in this new production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA?

The entire original score and all the songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber (including “Music of the Night,” “All I Ask Of You,” and “Masquerade”) remain completely intact – no changes have been made. The orchestrations have been updated with a fresh and modern feel.


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