130506-visage-640x426Rupauls Drag Race is the end all be all of pop culture these days. To help keep the people happy the lovely ladies of Rupauls Drag Race have created a tour like no other. To get an insider perspective we sat down with Host of the your, Judge and Drag Race Icon Michelle Visage!
AEW: What is it like to get to sit next to Rupaul every week on Drag Race and critique the queens competing? What is the hardest thing to critique about the girls and what is your favorite thing to critique?
Ru has been my best friend for many, many years so for me? It’s a dream come true. Imagine doing what you love in life and being able to experience it all with someone you love? It’s a gift. 
AEW: What inspired the Rupauls Drag Race Battle of the Season?
It wasn’t my concept/idea so i can’t really answer that but I can say that the tour is about celebrating the show and the talent that the girl possess. 
AEW: What has been the best part of this tour? and what has been the most Challenging?
The most challenging is always the lack of sleep or the constant traveling. It’s not that it isn’t fun, it’s a matter of getting the rest you need to perform live (which the majority of us do rather than lip sync).
AEW:If you could take this show anywhere where would you want to take it? Europe? Asia? Mars?
We’ve just finished a month of sold out shows in Europe, our beautiful country and Canada are now then we end with Australia and Singapore so all markets are being tapped this time around. The bigger the show gets, so does the thirst. I am truly grateful for the amazing folks that show up with excitement and vigor to scream for these girls. It’s pure love. 
AEW: Drag is rising like wildfire across popular culture, there is Rupauls Dragcon, the International Drag Festival, Dragrace, Drag U, and of course the Battle of the Seasons tour… What do you think we will see next for drag and drag culture?
Who knows? The world is wide open. There are conservatives that will try to reverse judgements or suppress or hold us back, but honey, ain’t nothin’ stopping us! We have arrived!
AEW: Speaking of next…We’ve heard rumor that you have announced you are leaving Drag
Race as a Judge, what is next for you?
WHAT?! I HAVE DONE NO SUCH THING! I will be there season 9 and beyond. Someone gave you some bad info.
AEW: You speak a lot to the childrens… the young and the hopeful I love the advice I have heard you share on the podcasts and on Drag Race itself… what about advice for the old folks… those of us who are not in our 20’s or even 30’s any more?
Not at all. My advice is for everyone, I just happen to call everyone kids. There is never an age limit on advice. It’s timeless. I am in my 40’s and I still need advice daily.
AEW: Love your book… The Diva Rules… what was your favorite part of putting the project together?
Being able to share my struggles and allow the people who needed to hear it, hear it. It’s all about the journey and no matter what, NO ONE is alone. 
AEW: If you were to hypothetically write another book what would it be about?
You’ll have to wait and see!!
Thank you so much Ms. Visage for your time. We here in Austin are excited to be able to welcome you and all the queens from the past seasons of Drag Race to our fair city!
Rupauls Drag Race Battle Of The Seasons Tour will come to Austin June 23 at the Paramount Theatre.  More Information and Tickets are http://rupaulbots.com/


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