I’ll Eat You UP! Max Travels to the Long Center to find out Where the Wild Things Are By Laura Jordan

6e2a308a0790948380e3a9a627a308118e2a6460“RAWR!” is the only noise that’s been in my head since experiencing yesterday’s production of Where the Wild Things Are.  I’ve never been so inspired to run around my day job with my arms up, bearing my claws, showing my teeth and growling and howling just as loud as I can!  But isn’t that just the thing?  Here I am sitting at my desk job while just yesterday I was stomping and growling with other adults, mostly parents and about 40 kids. That’s what happens when your favorite children’s book comes to life.

It was all brought on by the delightful two person cast, Mom who doubles as narrator and then there is Max.  The narrator is intent on telling the story right out of the book but she keeps getting interrupted by loud noises (Max) and before you know it the audience is whisked off into Max’s world and narrator becomes Mom.  Suddenly, Max’s descriptions of his side of the story become reality and the entire audience is involved in turning the Rollins Theater into an island, en-wrapped in trees and branches and one seriously long vine.  Children of the audience become bushes that Max must push his way through to discover the Wild Things. BE ADVISED: The scariest monster in this production is probably your kid.


This is only the beginning of imagination at play.  I was taken away by my mind’s eye and audience interaction so many times that I forgot I was actually performing and dancing myself.  I was inside the book I read as a child.  Yes, your little Max will love it, LOVE IT!  As an adult, you will love it, LOVE IT!  You and your brood will be growling for days.  As for me, I’m off to scare the boss.

Where the Wild Things Are is now showing at the Rollins Studio Theatre, April 13-17, 2016.

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