Harmonies Soar in “Forever Plaid” by Olin Meadows

11866490_10153124518979366_2317204280104532442_nAustin Theatre Project has created a show that is full of Harmony and pleasant moments. Forever Plaid is going to go down in history as Austin Theatre Project’s greatest show to date.  There is not much to this show and that may be what makes this show so successful! The show consists of 4 amazing vocalist, 1 Bassist and 1 Pianist and not much else. The story is about a group of boys in the 50’s who formed a boy band “The Plaids” however before they could make their big break they are killed in a car accident. Now they have been given the chance of a lifetime… or an after-lifetime. Throughout the show they sing a bevy of songs right out of the golden age of boybands the 1950’s.

The show is directed by Producing Artistic Director Barbara Schuller, with musical Direction by Founding Artistic Director David Blackburn, and Choreography by Cathie Sheridan. This team is the terrific trio the characters are well developed and more than lovable. Each boy in the band is quirky, fun, and shows there is more than just a song in their past. The harmonies are some of the best I have heard in a musical production that rehearsed for mere weeks, they sound like a group that has been together for decades.  Each song is perfectly sung, and the balance is outstanding each actor has their own moment to shine.

Speaking of shining the cast is out of this world amazing. Matt Gauck as Smudge, Dan Cline as Frankie, Scott 11863382_10153124897969366_1515031966392661671_nGraham as Sparky, and Travis Martin as Jinx make the perfect fit for a quartet of young men who never really “Made It” in real life. Cline as Frankie keeps the pacing rolling and the show working well. Gauck as Smudge is a force to be reckoned with. Gauck takes authority of the stage and doesn’t let go. Graham as Sparky is well…. Sparky! His energy enthusiasm, and spark is one of the largest moments of joy in the evening. And last but not least, is Martin as the lovable and shy Jinx. Martin plays the coy young man so fully that you feel bad when he is nervous about his solo and really want to see him succeed. Which he does!

This show is something you don’t want to miss. There are only 1 weekend of performances left and you want to be in those seats! This show is a solid 5 out of 5 stars! A sure hit with audiences and critics alike. For more information log on to www.austintheatreproject.org

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