The Vortex’s Summer Youth Theatre Breathes Life Into a Classic By David Snodgrass

27_sytruth, pride, religion, power; these values are called into question for one family pit against a deceitful opponent.  Molière’s classic comedy, Tartuffe, examines the title character as he manipulates one unlucky family for his own selfish gain.  Will truth and justice prevail for this family, or will they allow their suspicions and doubt to ensure their downfall?

When I heard the Vortex’s Summer Youth Theatre program would be taking on this fast paced comedy, my cynical side questioned whether or not these young performers would be up to the challenge.  From the moment the play began my foot was in my mouth and my attention was held!  Each of these young performers had an ease and comfort on stage most would only achieve after years of professional training.  Their use of Molièr’s lyrical language seemed effortless and let the audience in on each comedic moment.  I was highly impressed with the comedic timing of each actor.  These performers had the audience laughing out loud  with their outlandish characters and farcical situations!

Stand out performances include that of Callier Creedle in the role of Orgon, and Riley Simpson in the role of Dorine.  Creedle and Simpson brought an energy and enthusiasm to their performances that will be hard to forget.  These two young actors shared in many comedic moments in which I had to force myself to stop laughing so I could see what would happen next!

The direction of Katherine Wilkinson and choreography of Earl Kim displayed in this production is truly a marvel.  Their interpretation of Molière’s work is fresh and energizing.  The creative ownership these two bring to the play makes a dated work seem new again.  I felt as if I was enjoying Tartuffe for the first time.

The choreography work of Earl Kim is truly stand out.  I was on the edge of my seat as I watched each player tackle Kim’s complex movement.  The fluid movement would evolve into stage pictures that draw the audience into each moment.  The ingenuity of Kim’s choreography and execution of the young performers left me feeling inspired and wanting more.

Through the collective work of the performers, directors, and stellar design team; this ensemble was able to put on a energizing and successful performance.  Do yourself a favor and go see this excellent production  while you still can. These young actors put on a performance beyond their years and it deserves to be seen.  Congratulations to all the artists involved, you have done Molièr’s work justice.


For tickets visit The show will be running again July 30-31, and August 1 at 8pm


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