Table Settings At Sam Bass Theatre… Deliciously Good! by Olin Meadows

Table Settings is a play by renowned Author, Playwright, and lyricist James Lapine, about a middle class Jewish family in some town somewhere. This play is like a delicious piece of cake, layered, filled with gooey yummy moments, and decorated nicely. In Sam Bass Theatre’s production directed by Frank Benge, who has made this cake with only the finest ingredients, a delightful cast, a simple and perfected set, and spot on direction.

The real stars of this show are Christina Little-Manley as “Wife” and Adam Rowland as “Younger Son.” Manely is the perfect example of the right actor for the right role, she is an excellent mixture of serious, and humorous. One minute she is making you feel for her and the confusion happening around her the next you are laughing with her dealings with her children, husband and overbearing mother in-law. Adam Rowland as the “Younger Son” give a solid performance, he creates moments in the show where you just don’t like him yet in the end you can’t help but love him. He has a hard task on his shoulders as he plays a drug addicted loser with no job. He handles the role without embarrassment and gives a believable performance.

The rest of the cast is a good fit for the show, there are solid performances from all of them including the two youngest actors Logan Vohs as “Grandson” and Kylie Shannon as “Granddaughter.” Lisa Reynelle Shelley as the Girlfriend, at first I was confused and felt she was too mature to be playing this role it is not until the second act that the puzzle pieces come together and we find out she is actually supposed to be a good deal older than the  younger son. My one complaint with this show was Mary Southon as the Grandmother, I could not hear her through the majority of the show, this was sad to me because when I could hear her she was brilliant. Now I was sitting on the back row but the back row is also the 5th row so I have to say this was a problem. Not enough of a problem however to make me change my mind about the impeccable performance.

If table settings was a meal it would be a four course gourmet meal, I give this show 4.5 out of 5 stars! This is a fun, flirty, sensational show be sure to catch it before it’s gone.

Table Settings is playing at Sam Bass Theatre through March 7th 2015. For more information and tickets log on to


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