Agape Actors Co-Op Seeks Student Directors for “The Scene Shop- Short Play Festival”

scene-shop-logoAgape is seeking Student Directors for the Scene Shop Short Play Festival. Agape Actors Co-Op is looking to fill 8 directing opportunities in the next few weeks for their first annual world premier short play festival. The festival is open to students in High School or College who reside in Williamson County. 

The Student Directing Program is a hands-on learning process for students that gives real leadership and direction experience. This program also serves to give the students involved in our Professional Apprentice Program an opportunity to work and direct a team in order to produce a high quality theatrical production. Student directors will have an assigned mentor and will collaborate with their technical theatre peers, faculty advisors and Agape Actors Co-Op staff to design, direct, and deliver all facets of the production process. Each director that is chosen will have the full resources of Agape Actors Co-Op to produce their assigned play.   All Directing Candidates must read the Agape Actors Co-Op Mission Statement and Casting Policy–enclosed with the Director Application–and use this as a guide to cast their script and to create a production process that reflects the values of Agape Actors Co-Op.


Application is Available online at
or by emailing



  • Must be a High-School student (Junior or Senior) or College student residing in Williamson County to apply to Direct for the Scene Shop
  • Must be able to attend a Director Workshop in March 2015
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must represent and promote the ideals of the Agape Actors Co-Op Mission
  • Must have a passion for Theatre and its process
  • Must have prior theatrical Acting and/or Backstage experience in at least 1 theatrical production
  • Must possess strong organization and open communication skills
  • Must show respect for fellow Actors, Directors and Stage Crew
  • Must be able to work in a collaborative team setting
  • Must foster a collaborative bridge between the Stage Crew and Actors
  • Must have the desire to give all students an equal opportunity in Theatre
  • Must keep an open inclusive mind throughout the casting process.
  • Must attend weekly Production Meetings with the technical staff before and during the production process as well as one-on-one meetings with Mr. Meadows or Mr. Davis Starting in April 2015.
  • Selected directors may not act in more than 1 other play in the festival.

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