Date* Star Luci Lajoie tells all in exclusive interview!

6939708520_562e43346d_bDate* is the hilarious one-woman show based on interviews with a wildly diverse group of over 150 online daters, and explores both the hits and infamous misses of the quest to find love online. Whether it be a much-needed girls night out, a fun and memorable date night, or a grown-up family outing, Date* will be a night to remember at the Long Center!
Olin Meadows Editor of Austin Entertainment Weekly got to spend a few moments with  Luci Lajoie, the writer, creator, and star, of Date* to find out more about what inspired this show and what the results have been!
AEW: What ever made you think of creating a show around Online Dating?
LUCI: It’s funny Olin, I moved back to Denver from London and New York about 7 years ago, found allmy friends from home were married and that it was tough to meet people. I started online dating and–about a year in–decided to start interviewing folks about their experiences: it seemed to me that the search for love online was one that should be told from multiple perspectives and that it was worth telling.
AEW: So lets get real, how many dating sites have you used? Any success?
LUCI: You know, I’ve sort of redefined success as a result of work on the show. I have had my share of good and bad experiences, but more importantly to me my experiences online led me to create something with hundreds of people’s stories that is relevant and resonant. To me, that’s success.
AEW: What is one of your more favorite stories from the interview process,? We don’t want you to give anything about the show away but would love to hear a preview.
LUCI: There are so many! I love people who go at this later in life: the woman who started when she was 78 and feisty, the people who are widowed and alone…those tug at your heart-strings for sure. Also, I love the humanity that comes through in stories like: the man who wound up playing putt putt with an Aryan Nation member and…what do you do???
AEW: What is your perfect idea of a first date?
LUCI: I think something very low key with a time limit is best…practical and no pressure! A free afternoon at an Art Museum and a coffee? An ice cream and a walk around a (small) park? Things like that tend to be good…
AEW: When working on this show what was the most common complaint or commentary on the online dating scene?
LUCI: I think what I saw a lot of is a recognition that you start to treat others like commodities and not people BUT you don’t want to be treated the same way…how do you maintain humanity and sensitivity to yourself and the people you are in contact with online? That’s the rub.
photo (1)AEW: Is your show just for singles, or people who have used online dating? how does this show reach to all audiences?
LUCI: This is a show for anyone who has ever looked for love!
AEW: What do you want your Audience to take home from their “Date” with you?
LUCI: Wow…I think amidst the laughter and tears in this show the through line is about honoring and respecting yourself and others in the journey of life regardless of how you or they fit into the schema you have set out in your head (about getting married, having kids, driving a range rover, putting a ring on it, etc.). The beauty of life can get missed in the quest for the “right match”.
AEW: What is your favorite audience response to your show?
LUCI: A couple of 80 year olds approached me after a show one night and told me to “keep going, these stories need to be told and you are the one to tell them”.

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