Shrek Comes To Georgetown! By Laura Jordan

Shrek Comes to Georgetown

Shrek, playing at the Palace Theatre in downtown Georgetown is just as funny as the movie and it includes all the adult humor, farting and burping you can handle.  If you’ll recall the movie, Shrek (Scott Shipman) is about a giant swamp ogre who makes a deal with the local aristocrat Lord Farquaad (Justin LaVergne).  Shrek gets to have his swamp untouched by Farquaad if Shrek will rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona (Mary Katherine Kinney) for tiny Farquaad to marry.  Shrek and his cohort, Donkey (Kirk Kelso), set out on the long journey to fight a dragon and save Fiona.  In the midst of all of the farting and laughter, Shrek and Fiona find they have more in common and fall in love.

10409363_10205489086604595_4975584157413544972_nI found the production to be quite enjoyable.  I loved the original music written by David Lindsey – Abaire because it kept the story moving right along and it made original funnies even funnier.  Both Shipman and Kinney brought their beautiful voices to the mix and you could really tell they were enjoying their characters.  Really and truly though, Kirk Kelso as Donkey is just wonderful.  He’s so wonderful that when it’s time for Fiona and Shrek to sing together and Donkey is left out, just standing there, I so wanted him to have his turn.  His Donkey voice is spot on.

There are some hiccups in the showing I saw last Friday.  There is this magnificently large puppet that plays the huge pink dragon and it is puppeteer by five different people.  This is clearly a task that takes all puppeteers understanding their role in the movement and function.  I felt slightly embarrassed for them as they struggled to keep it held up AND talking at the same time.  When you’re paying more attention to the unpleasant faces made by the crew than the puppet, something is not working and the illusion disappears.

Overall, this was an exciting and fun show for adults and children. I haven’t seen children’s faces light up like that in a very long time.


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