Holiday Entertainment Guide 2014 #17 Of Mice And Music Tapestry Dance Company’s Jazz Nutcracker!

of-mice-and-music_event-640x420The Nutcracker is one of our favorite holiday stories, we love the dances from all over the world. The story is classic and magical, filled with dancing fairies and lots of sparkle….. but there is a new Nutcracker Prince in town now! Tapestry  Dance Company one of Austin’s premier dance companies known far and wide as the company to see if you LOVE a good Tap Dance!

Don’t miss Tapestry Dance Company’s unique and highly popular take on the holiday classic! With the live jazz ensemble led by Masumi Jones (Austin’s “best drummer” 2014), this one-of-a-kind performance ought to be as recognizable to fans of the classic Nutcracker as those Tchaikovsky melodies will be, albeit with a few tweaks here and there: Clara and the Nutcracker do a soft-shoe together, the individual solos in the Land of the Sweets showcase the improvisational skills of various Tapestry company members, and that battle between the Mouse King and the Nutcracker? It’ll be a tap challenge performed to Charles Mingus’ classic Haitian Fight Song. “The Mouse King won’t necessarily lose,” says Gray. “He’ll just say, ‘You earned your spot.’”

Event Details

DEC 11 – DEC 21

Long Center Rollins Studio Theatre

Tickets Available HERE

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