Exclusive Interview With Marie Lemon of Elf the Musical!

Austin Entertainment Weekly Editor Olin Meadows got to spend a few minutes chatting with Marie Lemon (Ensemble) of the national tour of Elf the Musical. Lemon is an Austin Native who has performed with Summerstock Austin and Zach Theatre before going on to get a BFA from Millikin University. Now she is in the chorus one of the two simultaneous national tours of Elf The Musical. Elf The Musical is based on the motion picture by the same name. It is a family friendly, holiday classic!
ELF_Buddy dancing_Marcus
AEW: How Much fun is it to bring one of the most hilarious Christmas comedies from screen to stage every night?

Marie: It’s a blast! Elf the Musical gives me the opportunity to spread Christmas cheer around the country and do what I love every night on stage, it doesn’t get much better than that!

AEW: What is your favorite moment in the show? (I haven’t seen the tour, but I am a huge fan of the movie and I love the part when they sing baby it’s cold outside in the bathroom.)

Marie: I still cry every time Santa flies.

AEW:  You are a native Austinite correct? How exciting is it to come back to your hometown as part of a national tour?

Elf TourMarie: What a dream! I get to spend my day off celebrating Thanksgiving with my family at home and then kick off the holiday season surrounded by people I love. I love Austin, TX and I’m thrilled to be back!

AEW: How does this show differ from others you have been a part of?

Marie: The rehearsal process for this show was quite different from any other production I’ve done because we rehearsed two casts simultaneously. The last day of rehearsals in New York each cast watched the other do the entire show. We all cheered each other on and it was so fun to enjoy the show as an audience member!

AEW: For people who love the movie, what changes or adjustments should they expect?

Marie: If you love the movie Elf, you’ll love Elf the Musical. The stage version takes your favorite moments from the movie and adds everything you want in a Broadway musical- magical music, flashy dance numbers, and colorful sets and costumes.

AEW: What do you hope your audiences remember about the show?ELF_Sparklejolly_Marcus

Marie: In this magical, hilarious, and heart-warming show Buddy reminds us that we can still experience the happiness and joy the Christmas season brought to us as children. I hope people remember the heart of the musical- “remember who you were back then, let those moments live again!”

AEW: What advice do you have for young theatre artist?

Marie: If you cannot see yourself doing anything else then stick to it and never give up. I auditioned for Elf the Musical last year and did not get the job. After over 10 callbacks- I got it! It takes a lot of patience and preparation but when you walk on stage it makes it all worth it!


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