Dirty Dancing: the Classic Story on Stage by Debbie Meadows

dd09This is a musical with dancing as the limelight.  Jillian Mueller (Frances “Baby” Houseman) and Samuel Pergande (Johnny Castle) dance us back into those memories of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.  Mueller really has you believing she cannot dance and then when she does dance you realize the talent she has to perform.  The show is very true to the original movie and the audience was excited to revisit specific moments in the show.  Jenny Winton (Penny Johnson) is a provocative and beautiful dancer.  She and Pergande really turn the heat on.  While the main characters never sing, Jennlee Shallow (Elizabeth/singer) has an outstanding voice I wish I could have heard more. The mix of live music and vintage recordings kept it interesting. My kudos go to the band.  The projection work of Jon Driscoll is great and brings the stage to life.
The sound seemed to have some issues at the beginning with the music drowning out the dialog, but it was much better after intermission. Maybe because I was so much younger in 1980’s, but the movie seemed a lot dirtier!  Overall it was a fun night of great performances with some funny moments along the way.

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