Evil Dead: The Musical; Cult Classic Carries On… By Laura Jordan

evil5You probably already know that Evil Dead the Musical is the only musical in history to be based on a series of movies. And you probably already know that series of movies have been cult classics since their arrival in the early 80’s.  And if you’re one like me, you’ve been a fan for a very long time, Bruce Campbell one-liners and all.  So when The Musical comes to Austin, you go.

If you’re hoping to see the movie, you get it, plus every possible cheeky upgrade on the cheese factor imaginable, almost as if the movies should have begun here in the theater.  David Sajewich, who plays Ash, our lead college student who works at the infamous S Mart and has decided to take a trip to the woods with his sister, girlfriend, best friend and a big chested, blonde dum-dum. If the premise isn’t enough Mr. Sajewich brings Bruce Campbell’s attitude and perfect comedic timing to the production.  At one point in the story our hero must deal with his hand which has turned evil, so it must be treated a separate entity who is out to kill him.  I almost fell out of my chair watching the dichotomy. evil-dead-the-musical-cast-photo-10559607923_1224f8249e_b

But it’s Demi Zaino, playing Cheryl, who brings killer demonoid life to the stage.  Before she turns evil she’s just Ash’s annoying little sister; once turned she’s the most graphic and hilarious aspect, starting with her song, “Look Who’s Evil Now”.  This isn’t all the musical delights for the evening.  You’ll also enjoy the musical originals like, “I’m Not a Killer”, “What the Fuck Was That?” and “Do the Necronomicon”, a mixture of Grease and Brittney Spears dance styling that brought the house down.  This cast works so well together and the talent of all the cast are completely notable; Julie Baird as Linda, Andrew Di Rosa as Jake, Callie Johnson as Annie and Shelly, Ryan McBride as the Moose and Creg Sclavi as Scott.

Since it’s beginning’s 10 years ago in Toronto, this show has made its way around the world and clearly has reached cult status one more time.  See why for yourself.  Evil Dead: The Musical is playing through the 21st at the Long Center.

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