Young Frankenstein So Funny It’s Scary! By Olin Meadows

Discovering his grandfather’s book “How I Did it”. Photo Tom Brown
Discovering his grandfather’s book “How I Did it”. Photo Tom Brown

The Wimberley Players is currently showing a comedy of epic proportions. Director Melissa May Moncus has crafted a side splitting production of “Young Frankenstein,” Written by the comic genius Mel Brooks. Moncus has gathered a superb cast filled with flirts, giggles, and more talent that you can shake a stick at.  Moncus definitely has a knack for this style of show, which is apparent by her note in the program reminding us that occasionally it’s nice to enjoy a show just because it’s funny.

fred meets Inga DSC_1972-2
Introduced to his new assistant before a roll in the hay. Photo, Bill Peeler

The laughs start rolling in the first scene as Will Mercer as Inspector Kemp delivers a perfected performance with spot on delivery and a true knowledge of Brooks’ trade mark style.  The cast is HUGE! With over 25 people filling the small stage. The jewel of the show is Derek Smootz as Igor (“EYE-Gore) the man of a thousand faces. His performance is one for the record books, he is a gift to the audience wrapped in a pretty little hump. Speaking of pretty, Caitlin Iliff is more than pretty as Inga, she gives sexy, cute, flirty fun with plenty of wit to her performance. Iliff is a joy and makes even the grumpiest of audience members happy with her “Perky” performance. There is more than one Smootz in this cast that needs mentioning, Igor shares the stage with his real life wife Rebecca Smootz, who plays the terrifyingly funny Frau Blucher. Rebecca’s performance of “He Vas My Boyfriend” is heartwarming, funny and haunting all at the same time.

monst joy more_DSC0260
Happy finale! Photo, Tom Brown

The show is titled “Young Frankenstein” and the man bringing the famous Frank to life is a terribly gifted performer, R. Michael Clinkscales is a perfect choice for the role originated by Gene Wilder. Clinkscales gives this already talented cast an extra boost. His energy, enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment of his time on stage is electric! He alone is worth the drive and the money for a ticket, the rest of the cast is the cherry on top! Then there is the fearfully gifted Ameer Mobarak as the “Monster” who’s timing and performance is everything you wished it would be and then some. His performance of “Puttin’ On The Ritz” is hilarious.

This is a show that you will not soon forget for all the right reasons! I hope everyone who reads this review will take a moment to see this show! I give this production a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

Young Frankenstein runs through October 5th 2014. For more information and tickets log on to

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