Silence! The Musical is So Good We Can’t Stay Silent! By Olin Meadows and Joan Baker

10172711_753046478051119_441716282181014437_nSilence! The Musical, a parody of the classic horror movie Silence of the Lambs, is one of the funniest, most outrageous shows We have seen. And is everything you hope it would be and more. Including a chorus of singing, screaming and prancing lambs. The real spotlight moment of the show is Amy Downing’s spot-on portrayal of Clarice Sterling, the uptight, overachieving FBI intern. Downing captures both the energy, intensity, and intelligence of the original character with just a trace of that Jodie Foster signature vocal quality. Huck Huckabee’s Dr. Hannibal Lecter i10483067_754360717919695_2045976793800292935_ns equally spot-on a cool, menacing, psychopathic lunatic. This is probably the best performance by Huckabee that we have ever seen. Michelle Alexander delivers a stand-out performance as Ardelia (and a couple of other minor roles including that of a lamb). She is so talented, so funny! And we cannot fail to pay tribute to David Ponton’s performance as Buffalo Bill. His song ending the first act of “Put the F*$king Lotion In The Basket” is so perfect! With that said every performer in this cast was worthy of a standing ovation…they were just that good!

Director Michael McKelvey who has always brought us great production has done it again delivering a production that “works”!  We look forward to many more from this power house of talent, we just wish he still lived in Austin full time.This show is a 6 out of 5 stars, go see this show or you will regret it! If you don’t see it you will be sad because it is going to be all your friends can talk about for months!

Silence! runs through July 13 at Salvage Vanguard Theatre, 2803 E Manor Rd. Austin. For additional information about showtimes check out www.doctuhmistuh,org.




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