Disney On Ice… A Magical Good Time! by Olin Meadows and Jordan Freeman

d33_daughters of tritonWhen you think about Disney, you think about sparkle, magic, glitter, and dreams coming true. That is exactly what you get when you see a performance of Disney On Ice. While not created directly by Disney, this show is a classic spectacle worthy of the Disney name. Feld Entertainment is the producer of Disney on Ice as well as a collection of other family oriented shows. Don’t be fooled by the title this show is not just for kids! There are a lot of fun moments for the adults in the crowd. One of the best in my opinion is when the Daughters of Triton dance to Madonna’s “Vogue” during the Little Mermaid Sequence.

d33_belle and beast on stairs

I took my nephew Jordan with me tonight to see this “Mickey Show” he was beyond
thrilled to get to see one of his hero’s live and in person. I was a little concerned that he would be bored since most of the show was princess themed, however he was very entertained from start to finish. When I asked him what his favorite part was Jordan said “The part where the Beast turned into the prince that was my favorite. Then the part where Mickey came and Donald has his camera that was my favorite too. My other favorite was when Merida broke the Target.”

As you can see the show it a hit with boys, girls, and grownups! The lights are excellent, the costumes, are spectacular, and the show worth every penny. A total 5 out of 5 stars.

Disney on Ice has performances through Sunday Evening at the Cedar Park Center. For tickets and more information log on to http://www.cedarparkcenter.com/

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