Disney On Ice Skates Into the Cedar Park Center This Week! Exclusive Interview With Adam Loosely!

d33_finaleDisney On Ice combines the incredible talents of world-class ice skaters and heartwarming Disney stories, lavish costumes, dazzling lighting and enchanting music to create an extraordinary show for families around the world. Each year, a new production of Disney On Ice is created to bring favorite Disney characters to families around the world. Audiences can sing and dance with their Disney friends such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Disney Princesses, and the Toy Story gang in a series of wondrous ice spectaculars. There are 8 different Disney On Ice productions playing to audiences around the world.

Get ready to rock out with some of the most magical idols of all in a musical showcase that features the hottest tunes and talent from across the kingdom in Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After! Jam to a Scottish jig as a group of royal contenders from the latest Disney·Pixar film, Brave, competes to win the heart of headstrong, sharp-shooting Merida, making her ice debut! Experience a show-stopping performance as Sebastian breaks out of his shell for one night only to make waves with Ariel. A chorus of harmless hooligans from Tangled unleashes musical mayhem when they get a visit from the sassy and spirited Rapunzel and her charming ally Flynn. And, get your feet moving as the Beast and his castle’s enchanted entourage take center stage in a spectacular show for Belle. It will be a rockin’ remix of royalty when Disney On Ice brings this superstar line-up to your hometown!

We got to speak with Adam Loosely, one of the skaters for Disney On Ice “Rockin’ Ever After” we  asked him about his experience and about his time with Disney On Ice.


AEW: How long have you been skating?

Adam Loosely: I started when I was 3 years old 🙂 I come from a very skating family, both my mom and dad were skating coaches so I grew up in a cold Canadian arena. All together I have been skating for 26 years and performing for 10 years with Disney On Ice.

AEW: How many hours do you have to practice today to stay sharp for the performing of the show?

Adam Loosley: The show is so energy-packed and a full 2 hour production of very physically demanding work, that it keeps us all in tip top shape! On top of that, we rehearse weekly and do a rigorous daily warm up to get us prepared for every single show.

AEW:  What is your favorite part of being involved in the show like Disney on ice?

Adam Loosley: Performing for Disney On Ice fuses together the athleticism of figure skating and the drama of theatre! It is so great to be able to continue doing the sport I love and tell a story at the same time! And this show has 4 great stories to tell; The little Mermaid, Tangled, Brave and Beauty and the Beast!

d33_daughters of triton
AEW:  How many different cities have you been on the tour already?

Adam Loosely: Hundreds! Over the last 10 years I have have had the opportunity to perform in 31 different countries worldwide!

AEW:  What would you what advice would you give to young performers he would like to follow in your footsteps?

Adam Loosely: Sometimes in life and in skating, there will be moments when you fall down; but never stop picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and continuing to skate on toward your dreams!

Disney On Ice “Rockin’ Ever After” comes to the Cedar Park Center this Wednesday through Sunday May 21 – 25, 2014 For more information and Tickets Click Here!



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