A Delicate Balance is Balanced Perfectly At City Theatre, By Olin Meadows and Joan Baker

10308561_10152454353081189_6635034814078058890_n A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1967. City Theatre’s current production of this challenging drama further confirms the theatre’s growing reputation for excellence.  The show is a look at human behavior and the complications and expectations of friendships.

The cast is a stellar combination of talent, brains, and incredible direction. Scott Kelly Galbreath’s nuanced and powerful portrayal of Tobias, the figurative head of the family, captures the dynamic of a man caught in a web of disfuncationality. His sister-in-law Claire, portrayed by the ever-so-talented Suzanne Balling, shows that even the most unlikely of sources can have the wisdom of a sage. Claire knows precisely where the buttons are and how to push them and she does. Add to this mix the ever-so-uptight Agnes, played by Tracy Hurd, and Tobias’ and Agnes’ often-married, confused daughter, expertly played by 10320522_10152454352846189_2929415204407603961_nKristin Chiles. While these four characters provide ample fodder for an interesting evening, two additional characters show up seeking comfort and shelter.  Then when long-time family friends and godparents of Julia, Edna and Harry, played by Lynne Gellman and David Lee Hess, appear on the doorstep and with little explanation, reveal their need to move in. That is when the real tension builds until it reaches its bursting point.

Director Fritz Ketchum brings a terrific show to Austin for her first production in town. Her casting, and concept for the story is spot on. The scenic design by Ketchum is a little sparse, but works for the show. This show is a total triumph, please go see this show while you still can! 4 out of 5 stars.

A Delicate Balance runs May 2-25 Thursday through Sundays at The City Theatre, 3823 Airport Blvd. Suite D, 78722     512-524-2870     info@citytheatreaustin.org For Tickets log on to www.citytheatreaustin.org


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