Please Don’t Let It Be The “Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia” By Laura Jordan

_DSC8950_zps6d321c32Running from April 4 – 27, 2014, Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia stirred a little something from home.  This comedy, set in Bradleyville, a small town in West Texas, in 1962 opens and closes on the third floor of the Cattleman’s Hotel. Once a glorious get-a-way turned dilapidated dump, here we meet the members of the Knights of the White Magnolia, a whites-only club for men with a mere 7 members, desperately holding on to weathered ideology.

The actors that played these good ole boys were impressive and deserve the spotlight… Don Stewart as Ramsey-Eyes Blankenship is the most delightful character and gets a laugh every time he appears on stage.  Col. J.C. Kincaid played by Don Owen had perfect comedic timing and a booming military leader voice.  L. D. Alexander played by Travis Dean was so believable I wanted to make sure he wasn’t my uncle by the end of the show.  Other delightful treats in acting that should be named here are Tim Mateer as Skip Hampton and Skip Johnson as Red Grover._DSC9007_zps6ed76607

Costumes, by Paula Gilbert, were on point.  You could figure in each characters profession based solely on their garb which helped paint the picture of this little Texas town and what the ideals of these men might be before they even start talking.  The set designed by Ann Marie Gordon conveyed the Cattleman’s meeting room as a place sacred to only these men.  Small minded men need a small room and direction by Bob Tolaro showed great versatility with only one way on and off stage. Bravo, LMOTKOTWM!


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