For Fear The Glass May Shatter At The Vortex Is A Bust…. By Laura Jordan

Showing at the Vortex, For Fear the Glass May Shatter, only holds up to the reputation of the Vortex itself.  For my first time at the Vortex I was leery about what to expect.  I’d heard the words “weird”, “avant-garde” and “naked”, all things in life I tend to love.  What I saw was beyond what my third eye could comprehend.

For Fear is the story of Wolfgang Pauli (Mick D’arcy), an Austrian theoretical physicist, and his relationships and work with Werner Heisenberg (Trey Deason), Neils Bohr (Eric Hungate), Marie-Louise von Franz (Michelle Hache), Carl Jung (Matthew Patterson), Irena Sendler (Melissa Vogt-Patterson), Albert Einstein (Mindy Rast-Keenan) and Paul Ehrenfest (Rudy Ramirez).

For Fear the Glass May Shatter is an opera.  I love a good opera just like the next theater fan but the writing here was so hard to understand I don’t know where we began and where we ended.  There were so many interludes and intrusions by dream sequences that were only slightly weirder and less understandable than the other scenes.  In fac,t the only time you knew it was a dream sequence was when the lead started to sway and lean backwards while making treadin-in-water gestures with his hands.  This was only the beginning.

I also had some problems with the characters.  One actor had a couple characters, Mindy Rast-Keenan played the parts of the general chorus, a bartender, an assistant, Erna Rosenbaum and then Albert Einstein.  While she plays them well and has a beautiful singing voice, it made the storyline harder to follow when the other actors had minimal to one character a piece.  I didn’t feel alone when I noticed that almost half the audience did not come back after the intermission.  The only up was the deliciously themed “Gin Fission” cocktail I had from the adjacent Butterfly Bar.  Thanks, but no thanks.

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