Memphis is Rockin’ My Blues Away!!! by Olin Meadows



Memphis is Rocking, Electrifying, and Moving. Memphis currently playing at the UT Bass Concert Hall through Sunday December 15, 2013, is the story of a white boy in Memphis who love RnB and the people who play it during the 1950’s. Huey Calhoun, played by Joey Elrose, is a funny goofy sort of guy who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and just love the music of his soul that just happens to be RnB. Elrose gives Huey an endearing sweetness with a comical delivery that you can’t help but love. Felicia is just the girl to love him, a stunning beauty, a powerhouse voice and legs that don’t stop is what Jasmine Richardson brings to the role of the leading lady Felicia.

The rest of the ensemble is full of talent and charm one of the major standouts is Jerrial T. Young as Bobby, whose dance moves do more than impress they will knock your socks off. Then there is Gator played by Avionce Hoyles whose voice is a pleasant sweet surprise.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The Story is a classic universal message that Love, not race or creed or gender is what is important. As the cast sings in the second act, “Love will stand when all else falls.” The joy of the piece is the music that rocks your soul, while gently gliding in its message, all wrapped up in dancing that makes you want to get up and join in!

Get your tickets to this RED HOT, ELECTRIFYING musical sensation while you can! For more information go to


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