Blood Wedding at St. Edwards is Compelling by Joan Baker


Blood Wedding, written by Federico Garcia Lorca and directed by Robert Tolaro, is currently playing at St. Edward’s University’s

Mary Moody Northen Theatre Nov. 14-24, 2013.

Blood Wedding is a dark…very dark…show. Do not dismiss it on that basis for it soars in so many ways. The basic story is timeless. Young love, families with history, bad blood, an anti-hero who ruins many lives through his irresponsible, take what you want because you want it and leave the broken people and lives behind actions. But the story is compelling and the storytellers, the actors, give performances that are compelling and in some instances beyond extraordinary.

Babs George’s performance as The Mother was remarkable, beyond worthy of the standing ovation she received at curtain call. J.Ben Wolf delivered a powerful performance as the Father of the Bride. 

What surprises me most about St. Ed’s productions is the professional quality of 


the young actors. There were so many strong performances, but several demand special recognition: Jose Antonio Rodriguez as Leonardo; Anna Schultz as The Bride; Alec Esteban Cudmore as The Bridegroom; and Brittany Allyson as The Maid.

Other acknowledgements should include Lara Hincapie, Scenic Design, and Lucie Cunningham, Costume Design. The show runs under 90 minutes and has no intermission. Thursday through Saturday performances begin at 7:30 pm; Sunday performances begin at 2:00 pm. For additional information or tickets, contact the St. Ed’s box office at 512-448-8484 or

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