Yamato, The Drummers of Japan, 20th Anniversary World Tour 2013 By Debbie Meadows


This was my first time to see Yamato and their new show, “Rojyoh: The Beat on the Road.”  I am a new fan.  This group of Taiko drummers use a variety of different size drums to perform heart-pounding music.  The show was an impressive exhibition of precision, full of energy, and enthusiasm.  The performers were very athletic and used all their energy to bring excitement to the performance. The physical strength of the drummers seems like it yamatophoto-m2will never end.  As they played the Taiko drums, we could hear the traditions of Japan mixed with modern beats.  The evening was broken up with humor as they used body language to express a competitive nature between the performers or to get the audience to participate by clapping to various beats.  They had fun performing and it came through to the audience.  Watching them perform was as impressive as the music they performed.  Traditional Japanese costumes were changed to jeans and Yamato shirts later in the evening.  The encore brought more audience participation and laughs as the night ended.

Yamato is presented by Texas Performing Arts, this one night performance is just a taste of the world class entertainment brought in through the University of Texas and Texas Performing Arts. For more information go to http://www.texasperformingarts.com

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