Sandra Bernhard Talks About Her One Night Only Concert at Zach Theatre

Austin Entertainment Weekly Editor got to spend a few minutes talking to friend and fantastic entertainer


Sandra Bernhard. Bernhard is known for her witty and socially accurate comedy, her beautiful jazzy rock vocals, and her numerous silver screen and television appearances including the first openly gay character in a sitcom when she played Nancy Bartlett on the Roseanne Show for 6 years. Her Bio puts it best in the first line “A compelling performer who loves to engage her audience with personal provocative and deeply emotional content. “
Ms. Bernhard has performed in Austin more often in recent years, and is back in Austin with an all new show titled “Sandyland” at Austin’s famed Zach Theatre on October 22,2013 with two shows 7:00pm and 9:30pm. Sandra was last in Austin for her Texas tour “Kiss Me On The Lips Texas” which sold out almost immediately. So grab your Tickets now!
AEW: Sandra-Bernhard-color-photoWhat is your inspiration for Sandyland?

SB: The beauty of life, great conversations, travel, delicious food, hot sex, introspection, sitting quietly reading a good book, spending time with smart people

AEW: You have been to Austin several times in the past few years, how will this performance vary from others in the past?

SB: I think every year changes an artist, you get closer to the essence of what really matters in your life, down to the core and in turn
I think it makes you a better more compelling person for the audience

AEW: What feelings or moments from your show would you like your audience to take home with them?

SB: That there is still something sophisticated and vibrant to aspire to in this shit show of a world, old school entertainment brash and bold
someone who frankly does give a damn!

AEW: We all know that you are a great outspoken leader for our culture, how are your feelings on the political state/government shutdown? Do these play into the show?

SB: Well it’s all about selfishness in the world, ego run amuck, petty uninspired careless mincing fools that get elected in these strange counties populated by people who are threatened by the new world order, whether it be immigrants, gays, women, these are the things that threaten the uneducated and those unwilling to see what might actually benefit them in the long run.

AEW: What are your thoughts on the Russian Olympics situation?

SB: I think it might be the most effective to continue a highly visible protest. Ultimately going to the games will haveSandra+Bernhard+sandrabernhard
the most power if everyone is organized and can keep up the message

AEW: What are you most looking forward to being in Austin again?

SB: I love Austin, I wish I could come down and stay for a week, it’s always a quick trip, I love the vibe, the bbq, the smart people
it’s a very inspiring atmosphere.

AEW: When choosing material for your shows where do you go for inspiration first?

SB: The inspirations come to me, in conversations, walking down the street, reading a crazy piece in the paper,
overhearing snippets of people on the phone, if you listen and connect you will always be inspired as an artist.

AEW: What advise would you give to Young Theatre Artist/ Comedians wanting to make it into the big leagues?

SB: Find a good city to break in, like Austin where you can get up three or four nights a week and hone  your craft
there’s really no other way around it

AEW: What is next for you after Sandyland? Any chance of you taking a reoccurring role in TV?

SB: Yes, I am auditioning a lot right now, fingers crossed.


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