Streetcar Named Desire is taking off so don’t miss the ride! By Olin Meadows

Streetcar pic 5
photo courtesy of Aleks Ortynski.

At City Theatre this summer they are heating things up with a summer sizzler and one of my all-time favorite plays, Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. Director Jeff Hinkle has created a beautiful show filled with charm and spot-on acting. The scenic design is period yet suggestive, giving the audience a flash of the  passion right from the start thanks to the incredible Kevin George. Along with the scenic design and the direction, the costumes designed by Lindsay McKenna are beautiful and perfect for the characters. From the first look, the entire show is well thought and beautiful for a story that is beyond dirty and gritty.


photo courtesy of Aleks Ortynski.
photo courtesy of Aleks Ortynski.


Even more outstanding than the design and directing is the acting. Rachel McGinnis Meissner as Blanch Du Bois is begging for a round of nominations for this role. Every moment of the show Meissner is spot on and giving you her all, making you want to pity her even though you know she is a monster of her own making. Beside Rachel is the incredible and provacative Tim Brown, giving life and strength to Stanley Kowalski, the common husband of Blanche’s sister Stella. Brown gives the audience a man who is rough and coarse enough for the audience to hate him, yet love him at the same time. the hidden gem of the cast is Laura Artesi as Stella who gives us a vulnerability and strength the perfect paradox for “little Stella for star.” One last honorable mention goes out to Samantha Brewer as Eunice the helpful and frustrated upstairs neighbor, who brings in a perfect amount of comic relief to this deep show.

A Streetcar Named Desire runs Thursday through Sunday at City Theatre through August 18, 2013. We give this incredible show a coveted 5 out of 5 Stars. Do not miss this once in a lifetime show.


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