Dixie’s Tupperware Party…. not your Grandma’s Tupperware by Olin Meadows

dixie-9962_t607Dixie Longate, is America’s #1 Tupperware saleswoman for a reason, because she is real, funny, and on point. From the moment she walks on stage until she walks you out the door Dixie is a roll on the floor laughing good time! From her spot on one liners, to her ability to move with the flow of the audience she is in total control and makes your-dixie-longate-7bbf9a155a3e046e_large (1) feel right at home. When you walk into the room you immediately realize you are at a real live Tupperware party. Dixie helps you learn lots of uses for her products, teaches you about how the Tupperware started. At the end of it all Dixie reminds us that you are a whole, and you matter. So Hooker, throw on your crocs and head on down to see this side splitting comic romp in the plastic “crap”.  Dixie gives you all the item numbers for the items you want most. She will even sell you them after the show. Dixie regales the audience with how she entered into the roving world of Tupperware, thanks to her parole officer.  In a nutshell this show is a 5 out of 5 stars. I haven’t laughed so much in one show in ages.

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