Jaston Williams in rare-form as Truman Capote. By Olin Meadows

Jaston Williams is Truman Capote in ZACH Theatre’s Tru. Photo: Kirk Tuck.

Jaston Williams is once again a Triumph in his current role of Truman Capote in the one man show TRU. Zachary Scott Theatre has put together an astounding production that was brought to life by the careful selection of the perfect team.

Jaston Williams is Truman Capote in ZACH Theatre’s Tru. Photo: Kirk Tuck.

Starting with director Larry Randolph, who draws out of Williams a chilling and admirable likeness of Capote’s flagrant lifestyle, personality and temper. Pairing that with the just plush enough set design by resident mastermind Michael Raiford, and the intelligent and resourceful lighting my Austin’s lighting virtuoso Jason Amato the Audience in transported back in time to the mid 1970’s in the midst of clubbing on speed and the political turmoil that marred the decade.

Williams as Capote is not only spot on but moving and at takes you from loathing the creature to moments later wanting to hold and comfort the neglected child of the stereotypical south. Few people understand what it is to be a pioneer in the world, Capote was one of those few men who was brave enough to help change the course of history. As an outspoken gay man in the media of the 1970’s Capote lived through his share of heartache and victories, which Williams takes us through in his dead on portrayal. The only unsettling moment is when we hear the voice of the sadly departed Karen Kuykendall over the answering machine in Capote’s Apartment, reminding us that great people who shape our world never truly die but live on in our memories, just like Truman Capote. This show is a roaring good time filled with laughter, wit, and charm 5 out of 5 stars an unusual rating from me.Tru Logo

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